The “Put It on the Market” Myth


On occasion, certain Realtors will advise their home selling clients to just put the house on the market and then if it doesn’t sell in a month or two, stage the house. I call this the “Put It on the Market” Myth. 

My assumption is that if the seller balks at the cost of professional home staging, then the Realtor offers this wait-and-see advice. Or, possibly, the Realtor is skeptical about the value of home staging. Either way, this advice always baffles me.

Why suggest that a home seller lose the advantage of impressing every potential buyer?   If you want to make this house stand out from the competition, why are you waiting to make that happen?  How many potential buyers saw the less than stellar photos and never put this house on their list? How many Realtors have seen this house and will be hard to convince to bring their buyers back again? 

How many missed opportunities have walked in and turned around never to return?  As you can see from these Before and After photos, professional home staging can make a major difference in the online photos.

MASTER BEDROOM BEFORE STAGING                                                                             MASTER BEDROOM AFTER STAGING

Andrews BR - before                                                            Andrews BR - after

As every Realtor knows, there is an initial flurry of activity when a house first goes on the market. This flurry includes Realtor tours, open houses, and advertising. If this house does not show well during the initial flurry of activity, it is quite likely it will not get shown again.

While I recognize that the cost of home staging can appear to be significant to some sellers, my strong belief is that it is more of an investment to be returned when the house sells quicker and for a good price.  My guess is that these “Put It on the Market” Realtors do not understand or do not really believe in the value of professional home staging.

Every day I demonstrate the possibilities of professional home staging like the house shown in the included photos. It can make a huge difference and usually does.

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