What a Week for Team Transitions and the Tulsa Parade of Homes!

What a week for Grace and me! Team Transitions staged 4 newly constructed houses for this year’s Tulsa Parade of Homes!

Our job is not only to showcase the houses. We also strive to show off the incredible creativity, vision and talents of our builders as well as help our Realtor partners sell these houses.

Each of these house is very different – different style, different demographic, different price, different location. Grace and I had so much fun staging for these differences and making each house unique.  Team Transitions really put the “staging jewelry” on these beautiful homes.

              22601 E 104th - Living Room               12760 S 4th - Bedroom                12739 S 4th Family Room                  5713 Waco - Living Room

As you can see from our pictures, professional staging dramatically separates these houses from the many vacant homes on the market.

  • 5713 W. Waco Street – Tulsa (Scissortail Builders – Deb Wilmoth-Realtor)
  • 12739 S 4th Street – Jenks (Chase Ryan Builders – Stephanie Joy – Realtor)
  • 12760 S 4th Street – Jenks (Chase Ryan Builders – Stephanie Joy – Realtor)
  • 22601 E. 104th Street – Broken Arrow (Patriot Home Builders – Model Home)

If you are doing the Tulsa Parade of Homes this week, visit these houses and see how we made each different house memorable with professional staging. Our hope and expectation is that our builders sell not only these houses but also generate future sales.

Dwell in Possibilities