Dates, Job Interviews, or Selling Your House – Is There Any Difference?


When we are getting ready for a date or a job interview, we make sure that we look our best (that is if we want a second date or the job). Typically, we are properly groomed and wearing one of our better and appropriate outfits. We want to impress our date or the person doing the job interview.

Why should it be any different when we decide to sell our house?

  • Do we think that our house should not be cleaned and groomed or outfitted as well as we get ourselves ready for a date?  

  • Do we not think that the importance of how our house looks is any different than the importance of how we look for a job interview?

  • Do we not want to impress potential buyers

The answer to these questions is very simple –it is very important that our house look its best when a buyer visits.  And with nine out of every 10 buyers viewing photos of homes online FIRST, it becomes critical for those photos to be of beautifully staged rooms!

Remember – you are never given a second chance to make a good first impression. If the photos are uninspiring and less than professional, potential buyers will drop your house from their list and never see it. If the house is messy, cluttered, or confusing to the potential buyer, odds are they will not be back and you lost a sales opportunity.

In its simplest terms, home staging involves making sure your house is cleaned, groomed and properly outfitted. When I stage a house, I make sure that it is ready for its first date with every prospective buyer as well as looks exciting in the professional photos. 

And the results speak for themselves with our track record of success having staged more than 750 homes in 10 years!!

 Remember to dwell in possibilities!



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