Tulsa Seller Testimonial – “I will never NOT stage a house again when I go to sell it.”


Imagine my joy and happiness when I received this wonderful testimony from one of my sellers!  If you need proof that staging works, just keep reading.  I also encourage you to see the accompanying  photos as proof that a staged house creates amazing online photos and generates interest. 

These sellers sold their house for $4,000 above their asking price after investing in staging.  And they believe they got their investment back and even an estimated return of 2X the $4,000 they spent on the staging!!

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I wanted to describe my recent home selling experience and the value that Cindy Gasior of Transitions Home Staging (THS) brought to the process.

My wife and I decided to upgrade to a larger home in 2014 and bought our new home before selling our old home (a bad idea by the way).   We had 2 undesirable realtors. After about 10 months, we decided to take our home off the market. I reluctantly point out that we had a couple of first showings, no seconds or thirds and no offers.

We thought our home was in great shape.   I had heard about home staging, but freaked out over the potential cost of such an effort. After a couple of months of research, we decided to put the house back on the market. This time, I did some research and called Cindy.

I was very impressed with Cindy’s professionalism and approach. Cindy came by the house a few times and had a lot of great ideas. The house was empty and I gave her lots of leeway in her planning and execution. The THS contract was simple and Cindy had provided several options to choose from. There were a few things in the home that Cindy suggested that we do. One being the paint the front door. Great idea!

My wife and I decided on an approach that cost about $4,000. I must say that Cindy and her team did a great job on the staging. Their furniture, accessories and art work were wonderful. The pictures we had taken to get the house marketed and back on the market were outstanding and the video we shot was very good as well. We asked $324K for the house, which was the highest priced house in the neighborhood and there were no comps to support that price.


The interest was surprising. We had around 25 first showings, 12 second showings, 8 third showings and 6 offers. Initially, we thought to make a sale we might have to lower the price to about $316K.

Instead, we agreed to an offer that was $4,000 above our asking price! We sold the house for $328K and in less than 2 months. My wife and I feel we got our investment back and even an estimated return of 2X the $4,000 we spent on the staging. WOW!!

We had a great response and several offers. One of the core competencies that Cindy has is the ability to stage a home to attract a broad range of tastes in home buyers.

The staging and the destaging occurred flawlessly. No mess, no fuss and I didn’t even have to be there.

I will never NOT stage a house again when I go to sell it. I have gladly recommended Cindy to my parents and friends and am very pleased to do so in this testimonial.

Happy staging!

David Sowards, Tulsa, OK

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